Meet the WWWaFers!

The Weir Wood Windsurfers and foilers (WWWaFers!) is a small group of members who meet regularly to enjoy the exciting, challenging and safe conditions at Weir Wood. Fun, shared learning and windboard chat are the main aims.

The lake is proving especially suitable for learning windfoiling, being deep water with minimal waves, and allowing walk around the side on the extremely rare occasions a self-help ‘bail out’ is needed.

Newcomers are welcome: please get in touch if you are interested in joining.

We have a couple of simple safety rules

In addition to the WWSC normal club rules, these are:

  • ‘self-help’ is required in the event of equipment failure, the club does provide support boats for dinghy sailing, but is not really ‘geared up’ for supporting windsurfers (walk your equipment back once blown ashore);
  • Foilers are strongly recommended to get some advice from the group before embarking on first flights, and to watch Sam Ross’s online instructional videos: ‘first flights’ and ‘sustained flight’. (One of the group has been on Sam’s clinics and is familiar with his recommended learning approach); and
  • if foiling, remember Foiling Rule Number 1: Hold the boom at all times.