Club Racing

We organise an extensive racing programme, with club racing every weekend throughout the year and a number of Open Meetings for visitors from other clubs during the summer months. Because of the size of the lake there is plenty of room for non-racers to sail when racing is taking place, unlike some clubs with smaller sailing areas.

Winter Series membership is available from 1 October to 31 March. The Winter membership fee includes boat storage and inclusion in the Sunday race series plus entry to the club championships.

Club Race Programme

Saturday Race
Saturday afternoon racing for slow handicap boats (boats rated PY 1115 and above) starting early spring and will continue during the summer months. Eligible boats include Enterprise, Comet, Gull, Leader, Pico, Lightning, Mirror, Miracle, Solo, Topper, Topaz and Laser Radial. If you sail one of these boats and fancy trying your hand at some friendly and non-combative racing, do come and join us. Signing on and briefing at the race hut at 2.00 pm, first race starts at 2.30, tea and cakes afterwards.

Sunday Race
Sunday mornings run all year round from 10.30 am with races for both Laser and Handicap fleets. For further information get in touch.

Wednesday Evening Race
Wednesday evening Handicap fleet race during the summer month (when daylight permits). For further information get in touch.

Wednesday Sailing

We are a friendly and relaxed group of sailors who regularly meet on Wednesday afternoons to enjoy sailing.

We appreciate that not all sailors want to race and that some may prefer to enjoy sailing in the fantastic environment offered by the Weir Wood Reservoir.

Our sailing group is very informal and is open to all including those new to sailing or returning after an absence (such as we’ve just experienced) and want to get some time on the water, or who just want to enjoy messing about in a boat.

We are not and don’t pretend to be instructors. But we are all more than willing to help anybody with rigging up, launching, or to give encouragement, all with no pressure at all.

We meet at about 1pm for a lunch and a chat at the clubhouse, then rig up and sail for a couple of hours. Afterwards we gather for tea and biscuits or maybe some cake.

Being a self-contained group, we informally arrange amongst ourselves to take turns to provide our own support boat cover on Wednesdays.

If it’s your type of thing, come along and have a chat – you’ll be sure of a warm welcome.

Laser Fleet

Weir Wood has one of the strongest Laser fleets around. The Laser is great fun to sail at any location, and racing is invariably close. The new sail controls have increased its appeal because anyone (rather than gorillas only) can adjust the kicker, cunningham and outhaul to the best advantage in any conditions without falling out of the boat. The Laser is great fun to sail and race. Being so low in the water, it feels splashy and fast, and really in tune with the wind and the waves. The fleet at Weir Wood is very friendly and caters for 4.7 and Radial rigs equally with the standard rig, using a common start with separate fleet results.

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Weir Wood has an active and growing fleet of RS200s with an age range of 15 to ‘retirement’ age. Our Sunday morning racing is competitive whilst maintaining the fun and suits all abilities.

For further information about RS200 sailing at Weir Wood contact Mark Harrington below.

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2000 Fleet

The 2000 is bigger on all key dimensions and consequently has more space, seating and carries more crew weight than an RS200. It is much easier to sail and less ‘tippy’. The roller-reefing jib and reefing main make it more family friendly and suitable for cruising and holiday use. Importantly for the club, it is just within the sights of an ambitious beginner. Whilst it is slower and heavier to recover from a capsize than the 200, an adult and small child can recover the 2000 from inverted. The 2000 has been around for a few years and being the fastest growing 2-handed racer in the UK already offers good close racing and large fleets.

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