Adventure awaits!

The Cruising Section is for members who like to tow their boat to a new location and explore new waters. Camping next to or on board the boats opens up new possibilities and extends the range of an outing so that it becomes an expedition.

The challenges and logistics of taking off and camping in, on or beside your dinghy are made much simpler when there are a few of us to share experiences, work together on the planning, rigging the boats and manhandling them into the water when we get there, and sharing magic moments under sail in company, just for the fun of it.

The destinations are only limited by how far we want to tow the boats, so the south and east coasts are within easy reach, so are the Norfolk Broads, with a little more effort, the Lake District… where do you want to go?

Dinghy cruising is best enjoyed in a suitable boat, something reasonably dry and with space to carry the necessary stores. There may be owners of such boats looking for crew, so don’t let the lack of a suitable boat stop you contacting us.

Get in touch with us and let’s start thinking about all the possibilities it will bring.