2000 Fleet


The 2000 is bigger on all key dimensions and consequently has more space, seating and carries more crew weight than an RS200. It is much easier to sail and less ‘tippy’. The roller-reefing jib and reefing main make it more family friendly and suitable for cruising and holiday use. Importantly for the club, it is just within the sights of an ambitious beginner. Whilst it is slower and heavier to recover from a capsize than the 200, an adult and small child can recover the 2000 from inverted. The 2000 has been around for a few years and being the fastest growing 2-handed racer in the UK already offers good close racing and large fleets (50 boats at the Nationals and 22 at Weir Wood’s open meeting). Both classes are really exciting to sail in a strong wind.

Class association: http://laser2000.lasersailing.com/
Laser web site: http://www.lasersailing.com

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