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Wednesday evening racing returns on 5th May

Race start times-           

All Wednesday evenings in May – 19:00hrs

  • Wednesday evenings throughout June and July 19:30hrs
  • All Wednesday evenings in August- 19:00hrs
  • Races will be run as general handicap, i.e.. no separate Class starts.

Racing will continue to be controlled from the race box using the club start line, and continue to follow the Covid regulations currently in place for Sunday racing.

Signing on will be, as for Sunday racing, done by the race team through the race box side window.

Code flag ‘H’ will be flown as the Warning Signal.

NOTE- The orange ‘Line is set’ flag will continue to be lowered, with a sound signal, one minute before the Warning signal.

Wych’s Kitchen REMINDER-  If you wish to have a meal after sailing please refer to their menu and pre-order your meal by Sunday 2nd May. Sausage rolls, pasties and hot drinks will be available without pre-ordering.

Laser Fleet


Weir Wood has one of the strongest Laser fleets around. The Laser is great fun to sail at any location, and racing is invariably close. The new sail controls have increased its appeal because anyone (rather than gorillas only) can adjust the kicker, cunningham and outhaul to the best advantage in any conditions without falling out of the boat. The Laser is great fun to sail and race. Being so low in the water, it feels splashy and fast, and really in tune with the wind and the waves. The fleet at Weir Wood is very friendly and caters for 4.7 and Radial rigs equally with the standard rig, using a common start with separate fleet results.

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