Open-2010-4Sailing times
Organised sailing takes place every weekend throughout the year and on Wednesday evenings in the summer. Unsupervised sailing is permitted during the week for members over 16 years of age.

Sailing Area
Once launched you must keep at least 50 meters away from fisherman on the banks. The limit of sailing at the narrowing SW end of the lake is marked by two coloured buoys and a submerged chain. You must not go beyond this point into the nature reserve.

Boat parking and launching
The club has sheltered boat parks close to the water and concrete slipways for easy launching. Members can keep their boats in the boat park all year round.

General Restrictions
To reduce the risk of accidents cars should not be brought onto the site except for delivering or collecting a boat. Dogs are not allowed on the site. Canoeing is not permitted.

Proof of membership
All boats must have a current membership sticker on the outside of the transom or on the mast above the cover. Windsurfers should have a membership card with them whilst on the premises. Members are encouraged generally to have membership cards with them also as the premises are shared with other activities.