Kevin Francis invites you to a Rudderless – 27th August 13.00

rudderlessWhat is a rudder for? It’s quite a good brake, some say it is useful for keeping your boat going straight, it certainly slows you down in a rack, but what if you are out there one day and something breaks? Can you carry on? Can you get back to safety?

Come and join us on a Rudderless Cruise on Saturday 27th at the Reservoir and learn how and practice sailing without a rudder. There is some good material to prepare yourself on YouTube where you can learn the basics and there will be a couple of experts on hand on Saturday to help you with a tweak on the err… tiller to improve your technique.

We’ll start with sailing a figure of eight course, then we will move on to a treasure hunt, finding clues hidden around the reservoir.

Ali and Tracy are away on holiday so we will be self-catering. Bring along some meat and salad etc and we will pull out and fire up the barbecue afterwards, to enjoy a meal together while we watch the sun down. The bar will be open.