Racing News 23 September 2020

Racing news

I’m sorry for the confusion over the race start times last week which changed the instructions published in last week’s email and SMS messages. 

In order that racing can continue to function in a safe environment we must follow the government and RYA regulations and guidance which the club’s Covid sub-committee interpret on our behalf.  To keep all of us and the club safe, every one of us has a duty to follow the advice given and understand that racing requirements should always be secondary to Covid safety:

  •  Members must not gather in groups of more than 6 anywhere on site.  The only exception is for households with more than 6 people.
  • Social distancing (of 2m or 1m with mitigation) must be maintained between households at all times.
  • You are wholly responsible for your own safety and for assessing the weather conditions before sailing; the club has no responsibility for your actions.

All racers must follow the club’s rules for launching and recovery on Sunday mornings:

  • Don’t leave your boat unattended away from your boat park space
  • Do as much rigging and de-rigging as possible in your boat park space, leaving the slipways and the pontoon clear just for launching and recovery
  • The boat park will be divided every Sunday morning and members should launch and recover from their designated slipway
  • Be prepared to wait if the slipways or pontoon are congested
  • Leave launching trolleys on the grass to maximise slipway space
  • Give priority to people moving boats if you are walking in the boat park or near the slipways
  • Only land and recover your boat when there is sufficient space on the slipway for you to maintain social distancing
  • Clear the slipway immediately on landing to create space for others to land

From this coming Sunday new start times are being introduced for a trial period which members must comply with to meet the specific social distancing requirements, especially when using the launching/recovery slips.

  • Race times are based on a 40-minute race and may vary but no stated start time will be brought forward
  • Handicap 1st race start time 10:15 – only handicap boats/crews are permitted on the slip before 10:00
  • Handicap 2nd race start time 11:00 – may be delayed slightly
  • Laser 1st race start time 11:03 – may be delayed slightly.  Lasers must not use the slip until all handicap racers have launched
  • Laser 2nd race start time will be as soon as practical after handicap race 2 and laser race 1 have finished

The intention is to use the above start times this Sunday (27th September) and to apply any changes highlighted by this experience.  Race control and courses will follow the normal procedure including passing through the start/finish line on every lap.

For track and trace purposes and to sign on for racing please remember to inform the race officer of your membership number by sailing past the starboard side of the committee boat.  NOTE – Your membership number is printed on your boat sticker so there is no excuse not to know it.

Ernie Hatton, Racing Secretary