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The Club runs a fleet of boats for general hire with the prime objective of encouraging newcomers over the hurdle of purchasing their first boat. The cost is £10.00 per half day payable to the Officer of the Day. If you are a newcomer to sailing please seek guidance from other sailors when conditions are windy or cold.

The objective of the hire fleet is to encourage new members over the hurdle of buying their own boats. The ethos of the club is ultimately boat ownership; we are not trying to offer first class ‘pay as you go’ as a basis of permanent membership.  All boats are serviceable though fairly old and a bit tatty.

Boats can only be used at weekends or Wednesday evenings in the summer, when supervised sailing is permitted.

Please put everything back as you found it, and advise the OOD of any problems.

Boats currently in the fleet:

Type Condition Comments
Laser 1
(three of these)
Good, all with latest sail control fittings Tippy, easy to right after a capsize, ok for taking a light weight passenger for fun spin (sit in front of the mast), easy to pull up the slipway.
A bit overpowered for lightweights in a blow.
You have to sleeve the sail over the two piece mast.
Enterprise Good Good all-rounder, cruising or racing, goes well in very light winds.  Similar to Leader and Wanderer
(two of these)
Good/Reasonable An excellent cruising and racing dinghy.  Can take 3 or 4 people. Reasonably stable, but has fairly big sails, so beginners just off sailing courses should not take them out in windy weather (a Topper or Laser would be easier to recover from a capsize).
Two strong people could pull them up the slipway (ask for help if you are struggling). A capsize would be hard work, as a fair amount of bailing may be required to get them going again.  Very similar to the Wanderer in most respects
Wanderer Best boat in the fleet An all rounder, fine even for racing, yet more easily handled under sail than the Leader (smaller sails, more stable hull).  Will take 3 or 4 crew no problem.  Very stable/A bit heavy
Pacer Good/Reasonable Small sails easy to handle even in stronger winds
Wayfarer Good/Reasonable Good family boat but heavy to handle off the water
Laser 2000 Good/Reasonable Latest addition to the hire fleet. A good family boat. Be sure to attach the buoyancy bag to the top of the mainsail to prevent inversion in the unlikely event of a capsize.

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