Hire Fleet

The Club runs a fleet of boats for hire to members only. The objective of the hire fleet is to encourage new members over the hurdle of buying their own boats. The ethos of the club is ultimately boat ownership; we are not trying to offer first class ‘pay as you go’ as a basis of permanent membership.

Boats can only be used at weekends or Wednesday evenings in the summer, when supervised sailing is permitted. If you are a newcomer to sailing please seek guidance from other sailors when conditions are windy or cold. The hire cost is payable to the Officer of the Day as follows – Singlehanders £15 per half day – Doublehanders £20 per half day.

To hire a boat please complete a  Club Hire Request

Boats currently in the fleet:

Type Comments
Laser 1 Tippy, easy to right after a capsize, ok for taking a light weight passenger for fun spin (sit in front of the mast), easy to pull up the slipway.
A bit overpowered with the standard rig for lighter helms, so smaller rigs are available. The Radial rig is 25% smaller than the standard rig and the 4.7 is 25% smaller again.
You have to sleeve the sail over the two piece mast.
Laser Pico A small (Topper-sized) and very stable dinghy which can be sailed either singlehanded or 2-up, with or without the jib. Ideal for those with limited sailing experience.
Wanderer An excellent traditional all-rounder, very stable and easy to sail. Aft-mainsheet arrangement. Will comfortably take 3 or even 4 people.
Wayfarer A significantly larger (16ft) and heavier traditional boat. Centre-mainsheet arrangement. Very stable and roomy, accommodates 4 adults comfortably. Requires at least three people to manhandle it. Commonly used for training purposes. 2 sets of sails, full size and heavy weather
Laser 2000 A modern, centre-mainsheet design and good family boat with a furling jib. Be sure to attach the buoyancy bag to the top of the mainsail to prevent inversion in the unlikely event of a capsize. If going out in stronger winds, seek advice on how to reef the mainsail as it’s rather fiddly and quite tricky to do well.

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