Team Racing at Bough Beech

09/03/2019 @ 09:30 – 17:00
Bough Beech Sailing Club

Chris Hopkins writes, “On 9 March Bough Beech are running a team racing event and have invited to send a senior and a junior team.  For those not familiar with team racing, each team has 3 identical boats (6 people); races are very short (maybe 10 minutes) with each team sailing against the others on a round robin basis leading to a knock out completion for the finals.  The winning team is not necessarily the one with the first boat home but more likely the team that does not have the last boat home so it’s very tactical to help your tail enders catch up and pass the opposition.  It would be good to run a practice session or two in advance to give us an understanding of the format.  University students or graduates with experience of team racing particularly welcome”.  If anyone is interested, please contact Chris on