Doing the right thing

The government’s latest advice around social distancing and the need to protect the most vulnerable in our society by asking them to stay at home means we need to clarify what you should and shouldn’t do at the club.

Here are 4 simple messages:

  1. You may sail at any time for your once-a-day outdoor exercise session. You can only share a boat with someone who lives with you. No-one else. You must stay at least 2m away from any other member not in your household group on the water or onshore. Please do not gather for an after-sail chat!
  2. When you visit the club, please park in the car park. Do not bring your car through the gate unless you are collecting or returning a boat.
  3. The clubhouse is closed. Completely. You must not enter the clubhouse for any reason.
  4. Wych’s Kitchen are busy preparing and delivering meals to local care homes, schools and to residents less able to shop for themselves, so they cannot risk contact with a possibly infected person (you) as their food is delivered to vulnerable people. Please do not ask them for food or drink – but please contact them below if you would like to sponsor their relief effort.