Covid-19 Guidance to Members

Update 15 September 2020

The government has updated the regulations to make it illegal for people to gather in groups of more than 6 indoors or outdoors.  To play our part in the fight against Coronavirus, keep our members and communities safe and taking account of the revised legislation, we need to reinforce the measures that we as a club are taking.  Having reviewed the changes, your committee is pleased to report that it will still be possible to continue with current activities at the club but it will be necessary to revise our COVID rules to ensure we comply with the updated regulations.

The club takes all Covid regulations and guidance very seriously and members MUST follow the club’s revised Covid rules:

  • Members must not gather in groups of more than 6 anywhere on site.  The only exception is for households with more than 6 people. 
  • Social distancing (of 2m or 1m with mitigation) must be maintained between households at all times.
  • In order to reduce congestion on site,
    • Boats and sailboards must not be brought to site or taken away at busy times, such as Sunday morning
    • Having unloaded boats or equipment, all vehicles MUST be returned to the car park without delay.  It is a condition of the club’s lease that vehicles must not be left parked anywhere beyond the sliding gate at any time.
  • Boats must not be left unattended on the slipway at any time
  • Rigging must only be done in your boat park space or on grass areas well away from others – maintain social distancing at all times
  • Only move to the slipway when you are ready to launch and launch straight away.  Do not socialise on the slipways.
  • Only land and recover your boat when there is sufficient space on the slipway for you to maintain social distancing
  • Clear the slipway immediately on landing to create space for others to land

Further changes specific to Sunday racing to reduce congestion onshore.

  • From Sunday 20 September, racing fleets will start half an hour apart in order to reduce congestion on the slipways – handicap fleet at 10.15, Lasers at 10.45.
  • Use the designated slipway for your area of the boat park

There are no changes to the arrangements for training or catering except that a group of 6 people can now gather in the clubroom provided they are socially distanced and do not mix with any other groups.  If you are booking catering for your group, you must ensure that you book sufficient space to enable social distancing between households.

As the limit of 6 people gathering is now law, it is essential that members comply with the club’s COVID rules and action may be taken through the club’s disciplinary process against any member observed breaking these rules.

Update July 2020

We want to look after all our members and don’t want WWSC to be the source of any further outbreak of infection which could lead to another temporary closure, or more serious consequences for the long-term future of the club.  So please do not come to the site if you or any member of your household have had any symptoms in the past two weeks and please make sure you observe the 2 metre social distancing rule whilst on site.  Remember – distancing is your only protection from catching the virus.

We are still welcoming new members who can already sail and have their own boat(s) or windsurfers (you can join here).

You are wholly responsible for your own safety and for assessing the weather conditions before sailing; the club has no responsibility for your actions.

As the government eases restrictions around the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important that members continue to sail within their capability and remember that any activity will still need to be alone or with members of your household, and social distancing must be followed at all times.

Members Responsibilities

Adult members can sail at their own risk, provided social distancing is maintained.

So that as many people as possible can access the water, especially at busy times, please:

  • Only sail in conditions which are well within your capabilities – see our Personal Risk Assessment Checklist.
  • Don’t leave your boat unattended away from your boat park space.
  • Do as much rigging and de-rigging as possible in your boat park space, leaving the slipways and the pontoon clear just for launching and recovery.
  • Be prepared to wait if the slipways or pontoon are congested.
  • Leave launching trolleys on the grass to maximise slipway space.
  • Give priority to people moving boats if you are walking in the boat park or near the slipways
  • Leave your car in the car park.

In line with the Club Sailing Regulations, under-18s may only sail if they are accompanied on the water by an adult from their household when the support boat is not operating. Parents are responsible for deciding whether it’s safe for their children and remain responsible for them at all times.


Club-organised Sunday racing will be operating from 26 July under revised Sailing Instructions and in order to stay within the law on gatherings, reduce congestion and maintain social distancing on the slipways, we are splitting the boat park into two zones. Details of the revised launching and recovery arrangements for racing can be found here.

Cars and Road Access to Site

When you visit the club, please park in the car park.  Do not bring your car through the gate unless you are collecting or returning a boat or windsurf board.  If you are delivering a boat back to site or taking one away, please try to do this during the week and avoid busy times like Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

OOD and Support Boat

An OOD will be on site and a support boat will be on the water on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, subject to weather conditions and availability of same-household crews.  The Red Ensign will be flown from the flagpole in front of the race hut when the support boat is on the water.  So that the support boat can be launched and recovered by two people without assistance, we will only be using the smaller support boats, and these can only be operated safely up to Force 4/5.  The support boat is being provided primarily to enable members to sail who have so far not been able to do so.

With the exception of the OOD, the race hut is out of bounds .

Club hire and training boats along with non support RIBs are not to be used, unless being used as part of an pre-arranged training or coaching activity.  We are planning to make a limited hire fleet (Picos and a Wanderer) available to members from 8 August.

House and Grounds

The clubroom will now be open when Wych’s Kitchen are on site. This will allow members to eat within the club house as as an alternative to the takeaway service.  Making the club room Covid-19 secure does mean there are some restrictions details of which can be found on the Access to the Club Room page.

The training room and changing rooms still remain closed (including to members with their own key and alarm fob) until further notice.

Toilets are only available when OOD or Wych’s Kitchen are on site.  Please maintain social distancing, follow signage on site and observe all cleaning requirements.

The club bar is closed, however a limited range of alcoholic drinks is available from Wych’s Kitchen.

The club’s picnic tables must not be used (because of the difficulty of maintaining social distancing), but the small tables and chairs from the balcony will be available on the patio for members to use when Wych’s Kitchen are on site.  Please do not move the tables, which have been set out so as to aid social distancing.

Training and Coaching

Adult sessions, and youth sailing and coaching sessions are being organised on Saturday afternoons.  Youth sessions are open to club members under-18 who have completed at least RYA Stage 2 or can sail to that level with minimum assistance with rigging, launching and sailing their boat.  Attendance is strictly limited and must be booked in advance.  Adult sessions can be booked here.

Some personal tuition sessions are also available for adults with some sailing experience.

In order to fully comply with the RYA guidelines, sessions are operated under special arrangements so as to comply with social distancing and other restrictions on group sizes.

Further Guidance

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