Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Changing Rooms and Showers?

Sorry, no. We cannot provide a Covid-secure environment in the changing rooms and showers under current Government guidance. Rest assured we are watching all updates and are ready to do whatever is necessary to allow use of the changing rooms when we are permitted.

So, how can I dress for sailing?

Please arrive at the club already wearing your sailing gear. Don’t forget your boots and buoyancy aid. After sailing you may be wet but we cannot open the changing rooms just yet so please change into dry clothes in your car or in the car park. We hope that we will be able to open the changing rooms soon.

Can I use the toilets?

Yes, we have a simple one-in/one-out arrangement. See How can I sanitise… below.


  • queue in front of the clubhouse (observing social distancing) and enter the female toilet through the new external door when you are sure it is unoccupied.
  • Wash your hands
  • Exit through the same door, please be careful when opening the door, there may be someone outside!


  • enter the building through the fire escape door (near the sliding gate) and queue on the right hand side of the male changing room (observing social distancing). Only proceed to the toilet cubicle when you are sure it is unoccupied.
  • Wash your hands
  • exit through the clubhouse front door.

How can I sanitise my hands and the surfaces I touch?

You will find hand gel and sanitiser solution spray bottles at each point
of entry into and exit from the clubhouse, in each toilet cubicle and at
each washbasin.

  • Please sanitise your hands on entry into the building.
  • After using the toilet Please shut the lid before flushing. This is very important.
  • Use the sanitiser in each of the toilet cubicles to spray the flush handle, the toilet seat and the door handle.
  • Wash your hands using the anti-bacterial hand wash provided.
  • Use the sanitiser by each washbasin to spray the taps, hand wash dispenser and door handle.
  • Use the hand gel (just a drop) and leave the toilet clean for the next user.

There is signage in each toilet to remind you of these important steps.

Can I come into the club room for food and drink?

Yes! The club room is now open however to make it Covid-secure there is
a limit on the number of people and the number of tables that can be
accommodated and you need to book in advance. Full details can be found here.

Can I get Takeaway Food and Drink at the clubhouse?

Yes, Wych’s Kitchen are still providing takeaway food and drink. Full details can be found here.

Can I come into the Club house to shelter?

Only in limited numbers. The club room has a maximum capacity dictated by the need for Social Distancing. If the club room is full Wych’s Kitchen may ask you to stay outside until space becomes available. In case of essential need (ie hypothermia or injury) individual members may be brought into the Training Room for treatment