Club Laser Open 14th April 2018

Saturday morning, a beautiful mill pond greeted us with glorious sunshine, Rob Burridge the race officer postponed for half and hour and hey presto enough wind was summoned from the SE (just).

With 25 entrants, the first race was off without any restarts

1st race Sergio Messina snuck the win followed by Bruce Ramshaw, old Legend David Binding taking third.

Then the inevitable the wind dropped to highly variable and not enough, so the fleet went in for an early lunch: it did not look good.

The afternoon brought more wind than certainly I expected and we got four races in time to be back ashore for 4.30pm, however the Black Flag took its toll in several of the races, with several of the Weir Woods sailors getting caught over the line, Duncan Lawson David Giles and Stuart Richardson, who were all in contention.

Duncan Lawson took race 2.

Bruce Ramshaw, had his worst race, but could discard it as he took race 3 and 5 and only dropped to 3rd in race 4

Dave Goddard kept everyone on their toes verbally and sailed solidly the 2nd, 4th, 2nd and dropping a 7th in the last race.

Rob Cage, David Binding, Sergio Messina and John Masters were all consistently in the top 10 but only Sergio and Rob getting a first.

It was not a day for radial sails in the overall results, but Nathan Lumbard came in a very credibly 15th place overall, and many thanks to Stephen Lumbard for providing the prizes.

The 4.7 fleet was tight racing but Alice Snook always had the edge taking first place and first over all lady

Many thanks to Rob Burridge for making the best of a light wind but fun day racing, with the final results being

  1. Bruce Ramshaw (who just managed to enter before getting his prize)
  2. David Goddard
  3. Rob Cage
  4. David Binding
  5. Sergio Messina

1st Radial and Youth, Nathan Lumbard
1st 4.7 and Lady Alice Snook