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WWSC at Laser Nationals

The Laser national were held in Weymouth this year with 270 boats racing

The star was Theo Gumley coming 15th in the standard rig overall and a very close 2nd in the under 19’s (Theo will have a couple more go’s at this age group ) so fantastically well done .

Jon Emmett was 2nd overall in the radials year in year out Jon is a Laser star ,  Niall, Miles, Mack and Rob Cage fought valiantly , but with slightly lesser results.

Laser home fleet is going to have to up our game if we to compete in the Laser Open at Weir Wood on Sept 4th – not to late to sign up below.

Well done to all who attended the nationals and apologies if I have missed anyone out.

Laser Fleet


Weir Wood has one of the strongest Laser fleets around. The Laser is great fun to sail at any location, and racing is invariably close. The new sail controls have increased its appeal because anyone (rather than gorillas only) can adjust the kicker, cunningham and outhaul to the best advantage in any conditions without falling out of the boat. The Laser is great fun to sail and race. Being so low in the water, it feels splashy and fast, and really in tune with the wind and the waves. The fleet at Weir Wood is very friendly and caters for 4.7 and Radial rigs equally with the standard rig, using a common start with separate fleet results.

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