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Cruising Trip to the Folly Inn

Ahead of Friday’s Crusing planning meeting here is a reminder of one of last years events.

Three boats  comprising  Geoffrey  &  Martha Bush in their  Mk 4 Wayfarer,  Nick , Mike  and Kevin in Nicks Tela, and Andrew Bagley and Reuben  in Andy’s 2K launched from Warsash  public hard, whilst Tony Bridget and Charles in the Carter’s Stratos  launched from the club jetty on Lobster wharf at 10.30.

As expected weather was fine, winds were light,  and the tide was going out . It was soon evident as departure was delayed that our original destination Wootton Creek could not be achieved  before the tide turned and so we decided on a repeat attempt at the Folly, which is more westerly and closer. Even so the outboards on Cicely and Monsoon were  going to be vital in getting us out into the Solent  and back against the tide.

Crossing the Bramble bank around noon, the sea breeze duly arrived and allowed us approximately 15 minutes of fresh sailing close hauled into Cowes harbour . Geoffrey and Martha in the Wayfarer managed to get through the harbour under sail,  but the others were delayed  by  the ( Green)  Red funnel ferry and the rolling bridge . Even though the tide was rising, wind had slackened and outboards were needed to get to the Folly . Three anchored on the beach upstream, whilst the Wayfarer used the pontoon mooring downstream. As tide was rising those on the beach had to progressively move their anchors and eventually tie up  to rings on the sea wall.

The beer was good ( Abbot or Starboard) but the food  service was poor.  Nick and Kevin had to wait an hour  for their fish and chips whilst crew of the Stratos   were reprimanded for taking the initiative and  consuming their own food on the  pub premises.  Even so all look happy enough in the photo below, ignorant of the conditions ahead.

After picking up a buoy and hoisting the main, we again needed the outboards to get us down river and through Cowes harbour which was busy with a number of vessels leaving port .

Tony elected to tow the Bush’s out the main channel  and went head to wind  for Solent Breezes  whilst Cicely  towed the 2K  out the small ships channel taking a more easterly route. It was 16.00 on the town clock.

Crossing Cowes Roads against a rip tide running east to west  and head to wind proved very difficult .With the Bush’s boat  down tide side  and yawing on their  short painter Tony was almost sliced  in half. The tow point was transferred to the starboard side with Charles left arm acting as a tensioner . Even though the sea got calmer over the Bramble Bank progress was slow, especially for the Eastern pair boats, who looked like they might be headed for Portsmouth  and some wished they had not taken on so much liquid at the Folly !

Although the first boats arrived back at Warsash around 6 pm and were swiftly  hauled out and de-rigged it was almost dark by the time Cicely  and the 2K were  packed up. It had been a long day for those who had driven down, helmed close behind their tow boats and then drove back to home.

PS For those who were lucky enough to be able to stay Saturday night, sailing on Sunday was a completely different story. Leaving by 11.00, we had a fresh breeze from the west , allowing the  use of the Gennaker and Gybing  down to Meon beach by 12.30.  Rather than head for Wootton Creek we  turned about and  feverishly tacked back up the Hamble for lunch at the Jolly Sailor. It was a lovely day !


The Cruising Section is for members who like to tow their boat to a new location and explore new waters. Camping next to or on board the boats opens up new possibilities and extends the range of an outing so that it becomes an expedition.
The challenges and logistics of taking off and camping in, on or beside your dinghy are made much simpler when there are a few of us to share experiences, work together on the planning, rigging the boats and manhandling them into the water when we get there, and sharing magic moments under sail in company, just for the fun of it.
The destinations are only limited by how far we want to tow the boats, so the south and east coasts are within easy reach, so are the Norfolk Broads, with a little more effort, the Lake District… where do you want to go?
Dinghy cruising is best enjoyed in a suitable boat, something reasonably dry and with space to carry the necessary stores. There may be owners of such boats looking for crew, so don’t let the lack of a suitable boat stop you contacting us. Complete the enquiry below and let’s start thinking about all the possibilities it will bring.

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