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Club-organised racing restarts on Sunday 26th July

Club-organised racing restarts on Sunday 26 July, run from the committee boat and with gate starts and under revised Sailing Instructions. In order to stay within the law on gatherings, reduce congestion and maintain social distancing on the slipways, we are splitting the boat park into two zones. Details of the revised launching and recovery arrangements for racing can be found here.

Please continue to be considerate to other members by observing the basic rules:

  • Boats must not be left unattended away from their boat park space
  • As much rigging as possible (and de-rigging) must be completed in your boat park space
  • You must wait if the slipway is fully occupied
  • Trolleys must be left so as to keep the slipways as clear as possible

When coming ashore, if the slipway is busy please wait on the water until there is room to land safely

Race Programme

Current printable race programme to right