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Weir Wood Sailing Club Laser Open Regatta

Sunday April 14th 2019

Sign on in Club house (upstairs in Bar Area)

Entrance Fee : £15 /boat

Standard , Radial Rigs , and 4.7 Rigs

Race briefing : 10.30 a.m.  at race Hut    First race:  11.00am

Format:  6 x Short races of approx. 15-20 min duration

Lunch , please pre order meals /food  before going on the water

Prize giving  4.30 pm with Tea in the bar

Prizes being donated by Sailing Chandlery

Class Legal sails preferred for the Weir Wood SC Laser Open, but correct sized alternative sails allowed. With these sails SE traveller series may not accept them 

Racing News

Club Championship Date Change
Please note that the date for the Club Championship has been changed to Sunday April 7th. The previous date (31st March) clashed with Mother’s day.

New Committee Boat
It is anticipated that the new committee boat will be commissioned and used for race control on Sunday 10th March.
On  first use of the new committee boat changes will be introduced to the fleet ‘ Preparation Signal’  flags used in the  starting sequence, as follows-

  • The Slow Handicap Prep signal flag will be Numeral Pennant 1
  • The Fast Handicap Prep signal flag will be Numeral Pennant 2
  • At the Race Officers discretion- If there are three or less Slow Handicap boats racing then the slow and fast fleets will start together, this will be signalled on the committee boat by hoisting the Yellow flag with a Black ‘H’- as the Prep signal for both fleets. Be warned and watch the flag signals.
  • The Laser Prep signal flag will revert to the White flag with a Red Laser logo.
  • Revised Starting graphics illustrating the two sequences have been posted on the web site. Hard copies will be placed adjacent to the signing-on computer.
  • No  changes have been made to the sequence following each Prep signal

The Committee boat Instruction sheet is being re-drafted and Race Officers will be able to down load this following the boat’s ‘shakedown cruise’ on Sunday. The significant differences to the current boat are-

  • The Race Officer only has to collect the keys from the race box- everything else required is on the boat
  • The engine is now a four stroke with electric hoist- please be sure to raise it after use
  • There is a weather protection cover, with easy fixings, which must be refitted when back on the mooring
  • The flag mast is removable and should be stored in the lockable fore cabin. Most signal flag are permanently attached to the halyards and only the double ended centre halyard is used for flag changes .
  • There is a power switch (similar to the current boat) this powers up a fixed radio (no need for a and held), the Auothoot and an electronic timer (which automatically starts when the Autohoot is switched to start the race timing sequence). Use the push button on the Autohoot for un-sequenced sound signals
  • There are 2 of the inflatable pillar buoys  (‘X’ and ‘W’) in the fore cabin together with 12 v pump
  • Access to the foredeck is through a hatchway (not round the sides) and for extra safety there is a pulpit fitted .
  • Finally- Please put everything back where you found it and report any deficiencies to the Racing Officer(Ernie Hatton) or to the OOD

Ernie Hatton – Racing Officer