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Wych’s Kitchen Menu

Please order in advance of sailing (text to 07545 517610). There may be small delay when collecting at busy times, please bear with us. Ordering may be restricted whilst we prepare for collection. Thanks for understanding.

The Burger
hand-made patties with our zingy relish, yellow mustard, onions & pickles

The Veggie Burger
 as above but with a veggie patty

Sausage/Veggie Rolls
our popular pork, sage, red onion & apricot sausage roll or our falafel, beetroot & rocket*
(* ask if we have any of our special flavours we make in small batches)
with salad or chips

Home-made Soup of the Day
with bread roll, ask for this week’s flavour

Fish Finger Sandwich
with our hand-made tartare sauce

The Special
guaranteed to be warming & filling please ask to see what we’ve made special

Bacon OR Sausage Bap
exactly what is says

Un-Cornish Pasty
Un-Cornish? Because it’s 100% NOT made in Cornwall*. But you’d think it was!
*legal disclaimer. 

Curried Vegetable Pasty
our hand-made vegetable pasty that’s slightly sweet & spicy


Cheesy Chips

Hand-made Cake
ask for choices